Pearland Amateur Radio Club

Meeting Minutes

January 5, 2016

Meeting was called to order at 1900 by Bob Nicholas, K5HLZ.  There were 14 total people, including 4 officers and 0 visitors.

The November Meeting minutes were read by Margaret Sanders, WA5RSU.  Motion to accept was made by Mark Duncan, KE5PPH, and seconded by Jerry Venable, N5JV.  There were no December meeting minutes since the Christmas party was in lieu of the meeting.

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Jimmy Turner, K5JTJ.  The Novmber balance was $2106.05.  A deposit of $33.00 was made, bringing the balance to $2139.05.  Motion to accept was made by Tex Hubert, KC5EOM and seconded by Jerald Landis, KD5MIG


Due to threatening bad weather, there was a small attendance at the Multi-club tailgate.  There was only one person set to participate in the Fox Hunt.  Discussion ensued as to whether we should move the tailgate sale back to Pearland.  We will try to find a location for a tailgate on April 30.  We will also try for a Fox Hunt at the next tailgate.

We discussed and planned for another fox hunt training to be conducted at Frankie Randolph Carter Park in Friendswood on April 9 at 1000.  Lunch would then follow.

Calvin will supply the club with a UHF Kenwood repeater to trade with Wayne Wright and Rick Broussard for a VHF repeater.  Bob will set up a meeting to get the extra repeater pair up and running and to talk about D Star again.  He will set something up for February 6.


Dues are due for 2016.  The rate is $20 for single and $21 for family.

The following events are coming up:

1/23 Houston Amateur Radio Tailgate

1/30-31 Winter Field Day

2/27 Orange Hamfest

3/11-12 Rayne Hamfest

3/18-19 Greater Houston Hamfest (BVARC)

4/15-16 Belton Hamfest

4/16-17 MS 150

Bob made a motion to donate $200 to the Pearland Church of Christ in appreciation for allowing us to hold our monthly meetings in their Activities building.  Marc Hopkins, WW5TX seconded the motion and the club voted to make the donation.

For Summer Field Day, Jimmy will check with the VFW hall in Pearland to see if we can meet there again.  He will also check to see if we can bring RV trailers for overnight.  Summer Field Day is June 25-26 this year.

 Calvin Starr, KR5E, will present the program in February.  It will be a QRP slideshow.


 There were no mentions under Stress and Distress

 Under Meet & Eat, February will be at Baytown Seafood.

 The raffle prize was a pre-amp that was won by Marc Hopkins.


 There was no formal program for January.

 The motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Marc WW5TX and seconded by Mark KE5PPH.  The meeting was adjourned at 2009.

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