Pearland Amateur Radio Club

Meeting Minutes

July 7, 2015


Meeting was called to order at 1901 by Bob Nicholas, K5HLZ, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.† There were a totally of 15 people, including 4 officers,† There were no visitors.


The meeting minutes were read by Maggie Sanders, WA5RSU.† A motion to accept was made by Mark Duncan, KE5PPH.† The motion was seconded by Bill Stevenson, K5CSB.


The Treasurerís Report was presented by Jimmy Turner, K5JTJ.† The May balance was $2507.84.† A deposit of 230.00 will bring the July balance to $2737.84.† There will be expenses of $88.62 to Myles Barkman, KG5AI; $238.98 to Maggie; and $235 to Bob.† The motion to accept the treasurerís report was made by Bill Cook, W5WBC and seconded by Tex Hubert, KC5EOM.


Old Business


Field Day was described and critiqued.† The exercise was described by Bob as successful.† There were 15-18 operators present, not counting the Cub Scout troop invited by Brian Seabolt, KG5BVO.† Two offcenter dipoles were set up, one in the east-west direction and the other in the north-south.† Twenty and 40 meters were the primary frequencies worked.† Cleve, AE5VE,† brought his PSK-31 and Calvin, KR5E, brought his 6 meter station with separate antennas.† The club ran all night and shut down around 1100.† Several people brought trailers for sleeping.† A downside was the lack of air conditioning.† However, Brian Butler, KF5YPY talked about adding A/C to the barn before next year.† There were 17 Cub Scouts and 5 adults that visited and some of the kids go to talk.† There was a suggestion to put an ad in the Alvin/Pearland Journal for next year.

Brian, KF5YPY, has offered to host the Winter Field Day, which is January 23-24, 2016.


Bob has asked that the D Star Committee be formed with Bob, Mark - KE5PPH, Myles, Wayne Wright, Jimmy and Len Ward, W5HTA, being the members.† The purpose of the committee is to determine a site to locate the repeater such that it will have ready internet access.


Bob will do the presentation for the next meeting.† It will be a film on radio operators during World War II.† It will be the inaugural use of the new club projector.


New Business


On October 24-25 is the CQ Sideband Contest.† A few people indicated interest in participating, possibly with some folks camping at one of the local state parks.


Myles will investigate what presentations ARRL has available on its website for future meeting presentations.


Al Bayer, W5AEB, suggested a building project to make 75/40 traps.† He agreed to lead it at the September 1 meeting.† He will provide the necessary materials.


A Fox Hunt was suggested and the club agreed to hold one on October 10 at 1000.† A Fox Hunt refresher will be hosted by Myles at the October meeting.


Myles will coordinate a tailgate sale with the Pasadena ISD for sometime in the Fall.


Belton will be October 2-3.† Wings Over Houston will be October 17-18.† The Christmas party will be in place of the December meeting on December 1.




Bob has tried to contact David Smith but has been unsuccessful.† We are concerned on how he has been doing since he hasnít been to a meeting in months.


Al reported that Darren and Barbara Carter arenít doing very well but that they are hanging in there.† Al had sold some of Darrenís equipment for him.


Meet & Eat


The next meet and eat before the August meeting will be at Baytown Seafood.


The raffle prize was a time-out bench that can be used as a radio shelf.† It was won by Jimmy.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made at 1953 by Bill, K5CSB and seconded by Mark, KE5PPH.