President Maggie Sanders called the meeting to order followed by the Pledge Allegiance to the Flag.


ATTENDANCE:  4 officers, 11 members/guest

                             Guest, Brian Seabolt, KG5BVO



November Minutes read and approved:  MTA Mark, KE5PPH, 2nd Gerald, AC5 WA


Treasurers Report read and accepted.  Balance as of January 6, $2218.84.  Approved

MTA Mark, KE5PPH, 2nd Tex, KC5EOM


Thank you letter received from the Church Of Christ read thanking club for $200.00 donation.




Club QSO Contest discussed.  Rules being prepared.


Meeting set with Wayne Wright to discuss extra set of club repeater pairs.  Meeting to be at Dunn Brothers for 1/31/15. (Meeting changed to Saturday February 7th)




Nominating committee selected for 2015 election of officers.


Activities Committee to set a schedule of activities for the year.


Winter Field Day set for January 24 at Galveston State Park.


Membership consensus to allow Officers to select and purchase a Digital Projector to be used for Club presentations.

Approved MTA Calvin, K5BE, 2nd Darrel, AA5QR


Radio for sale for Darren Carter, Kenwood TS 7A, 2m/440


Programs for 2015


SDR Radios February 1st, Rick Barnes NC5IR

Sound cards for Ham Radio, Gerald AC5WA

Beacons and beacon propagation, Bob Nicholas K5HLZ

D-Star Alan Isaacson

IRLP/Echo Link, Lynn, W5HTA

Presentation by Texas DX Society:  Bob Nicholas to get information






Jamboree On The Air Presentation to Scout groups invite to participate in ARRL Field Day

Presentation on PSK-31


Stress/Distress:  Darren and Barbara Carter Harvey and Jan.


Meet & Eat Baytown Seafood in Pearland

March, Big Humphrey's


ADJOURN:  MTA Mark, KE5PPH, 2nd Rick, NC5IR