Pearland Amateur Radio Club

Monthly Meeting

June 2014


The meeting was opened at 7:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.† There were 13 members present and 2 returning members.


Maggie Sanders (WA5RSU) read minutes from the previous meeting.† Motion to accept the minutes was made by Mark Duncan (KE5PPH) and seconded by Marsha Shaner (KD5GNM).† The club voted to accept.

Treasurerís Report

Jimmy Turner (K5JTJ) presented the treasurerís report starting with May.†† Starting balance was $1752.84.† Checks were written to the VFW Hall for Field Day rental in the amount of $200.00 and to HAMS for $100 in appreciation for the use of the 145.11 repeater utilized in PARC communication support of the Great Escape bicycle ride.† The Pearland Cycling Club had provided PARC a check for $350 for the clubís efforts.† The check was given to Jimmy for deposit.† There was also $17 collected in May for the raffle.† Gene Shaner (KD5FSJ) made a motion to accept the Treasurerís Report and Fernand Hubert (KC5EOM) seconded.† The vote passed.

Old Business

The multi-club Tailgate Sale was held Saturday, May 17.† It was a small event but there was good feedback regarding PARC hosting† the event.† The club will plan for an early 2015 event, working around the schedules for Orange, BVAARC and Belton hamfests.

Bob Nicholas (K5HLZ) reported that Houston Amateur Radio has merged with another store to form Lone Star Radio, located on 1960.† They will be hosting a tailgate extravaganza as part of their grand opening.

Field Day will be held at the Pearland VFW hall on Walnut on Saturday, June 28.† The club has paid $200 for rental.† We will use Transworld antennas provided by Mark and Bob Nicholas (K5HLZ) as well as a vertical supplied by Mark.† Bob will bring a radio and we will have the club radio.† Jimmy mentioned bringing a 2 meter with a mag mount antenna.† Because of the simplicity of the setup, it was decided to not meet on Friday but start at around 0900 on Saturday.† Mark/Maggie will bring a fan and 2-3 laptops.† Bill Venable (W5BV) will bring the club generator.† Bob will check the rules to ensure that nothing has changed from precious years.† Jimmy T. has the paper goods provided by the club and Maggie will bring an ice chest to store items needing cooling.† Lunch will be provided by the club as will iced tea for the meals.† Bill Cook (W5WBC) will provide a router to connect up the laptops.† Maggie will send an invitation to Mayor Tom Reid.† Bill will act as coordinator for the event with Bob and Jimmy helping.†

Maggie will schedule a visit to the Pearland EOC on a Monday evening so that we can see the capabilities/equipment.† ARES would be first contact in the event of an emergency but have stated that they could contact PARC for assistance and manpower, based on the emergency and its duration.

New Business

As part of the survey for revitalizing the club from the last meeting, a recurring theme was improving repeater traffic.† Discussion ensued as to how to accomplish this.† Nothing concrete was identified other than people just need to get on the air more.

As far as setting up programs, it was decided we need to do a survey of interest among the club members.† This will provide a basis for possible programs to be held during future meetings.

Final Business

The Meet and Eat before the July meeting will be at Burger Tex.

Jimmy will be out of town for the next two weekends so Bill C. volunteered to call the Sunday night net for the next weekend and Bob will call the net on the 15th.

Marc Hopkins (WW5TX) moved to adjourn at 8:28 p.m.† Mark seconded.† Meeting adjourned.